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Heather MK Yoga on a beach

All Bodies Are Yoga Bodies


"Heather has made me regain my balance, stretch and increased my overall health. She has just the right blend of yin and yang. She has had to give me alternate pose suggestions when I have issues and encouraged me in some "not quite but almost there" poses. I would highly recommend her as a yoga guide - she truly understands that each of us is different and needs some individualized assists now and then for a truly positive yoga experience."


Pam B./Yoga Student

"No overly-bendy judgmental yoga teachers here. Heather creates individualized classes and makes sure everyone knows how to modify the poses to get the most for their bodies. Advanced practitioners and beginners can work side by side to focus on becoming the best possible version of themselves. So whether you do a pose sitting in a chair or standing on your head, you're getting the most out of it."

Cyn M./Yoga Student

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